Park Information & Reservations

  1. Anchor Memorial Park

    This quaint park that showcases beautiful bay views was renamed Anchor Memorial Park in 1991.

  2. Bayshore Bluffs Park

    Bayshore Bluffs consists of 3.2 acres of natural meadow (full of beautiful wild flowers in the spring) and maintained park space.

  3. Centennial Parkway

    The unique Giant Chessboard and Centennial Stairway were opened to the public in 1975.

  4. City Park

    City Park features a World War II Memorial Monument. While City Park is small in size, it is big on fun!

  5. Cloisters Park

    Visitors will find a children's play area, public restrooms, picnic tables, and pedestal barbecues.

  6. Coleman Park

    Visit Coleman Park in the City of Morro Bay today!

  7. Del Mar Park

    Del Mar Park is a lush nine-acre neighborhood park with many features.

  8. Equipment Rental

    Get information about equipment rental and fees.

  9. Lila Keiser Park

    Visit Lila Keiser Park in the City of Morro Bay.

  10. Mariner Memorial Park

    This new park space, dedicated to the memory of all mariners lost at sea, is a visitor serving area with pier / water access, picnic benches, and breath taking views of the bay.

  11. Monte Young Park

    Located on the corner of South and Shasta Streets, Monte Young Park features a children's play area, picnicking areas, open space, a public restroom, and a unique set of tennis courts facing east / west.

  12. Morro Rock Beach

    Visit Morro Rock Beach in the City of Morro Bay.

  13. North Point

    One of the most used amenities at the park is the beach access stairway, which was designed with input from Recreation and Parks Department Staff.

  14. Park Guidelines

    View rules and guidelines that apply to all of the Parks.

  15. Park Reservations

    All parks within the City are on a first-come, first-served basis unless a permit is held.

  16. Tidelands Park

    The play area in this park features seal statues, a whale's tail, and a crow's nest giving the park a nautical theme.