Trident Winds Offshore Wind Energy Project

PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION: Trident Winds staff will hold a public information session on Thursday, Dec. 10. Please click this link for more details.
This site serves as a repository for information related to the proposed project by Trident Winds, and offshore wind development company that is seeking to build a utility scale, deep water, anchored wind project on the central coast of California (approximately 34 miles offshore).

Basic Background: The Morro Bay Power Plant was was a major, 650-megawatt powerplant closed in January 2013 by private company Dynegy, Inc. Closure of this plant created significant negative economic impacts for Morro Bay, including loss of revenues to pay for public services, as well as job losses and visual detriments due to the large scale of the plant.

The City owns and controls a cooling water outfall structure previously utilized by the Morro Bay Power Plant, which could be utilized to connect other energy projects to the PG&E electric substation located adjacent to the power plant. This substation provides a crucial interconnection to the high-voltage transmission system that runs through the state.

In 2015, Trident Winds approached the City regarding the off-shore wind energy project, seeking cooperation on potential re-use of the outfall. This project would involve the placement of wind turbines at least 34 miles off shore, and would then connect to the City-owned outfall to hook to the electric grid.

At this time, nothing has been permitted and the project is still in initial planning and outreach phases. A Memorandum of Cooperation was approved by the City Council on October 13, 2015, outlining the potential use of the outfall and requests from the City for Trident Winds to engage in significant public outreach on the project. This project will likely be years in the making.

Find below information about the project, posted as it is received.

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