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To view the City's existing versus proposed draft Land Use map, please see below:

Existing 1997 Morro Bay Land Use Map

Draft Proposed Morro Bay Land Use Map (north Morro Bay section only)

(Note: land use map is not the same as the zoning map).

Chevron Proposals discussed at GPAC meeting for Study Area 1 northeast of the City limits:

First Concept Map Proposal
Second Concept Map Proposal

Public Draft Downtown Waterfront Strategic Plan Now Available - To be discussed at the (Wed.) March 8, 2017 GPAC meeting is the newly released draft Downtown Waterfront Strategic Plan (DWSP).  To view the draft, click here.

2/2/2017 Community Workshop on Land Use alternatives and the Downtown Waterfront Strategic Plan: 

2/2/2017 Workshop Materials & Posters
2/2/2017 Workshop Presentation Materials

Opportunity Sites & Study Area Aerial Map (click on map to zoom in)
2/2/2017 Workshop & Survey Summary Final Report
General Plan/Local Coastal Plan Update & Downtown-Waterfront Strategic Plan:

Over the next two years, the City of Morro Bay will be working with you to define our future.  We need your input as we work to update the City's General Plan/Local Coastal Plan and create a Downtown - Waterfront Strategic Plan.  

We want to hear from you.  Please provide your comments and input on this process here. 

Current drafts of Key Documents are available for review below.  For all versions, please click on "Project Documents."

Revised Draft Community Vulnerability & Resilience Assessment (CVRA), March 2017 
Revised Draft Key Issues Policies Report (KIP), December 2016
Revised Draft Community Baseline Assessment (CBA), September 2016
Revised Draft CBA with edit track changes shown, September 2016
Revised Draft CVRA with edit track changes shown, September 2016
Draft Vision & Values Statement, September 2016
Draft Vision & Values Statement, with comments in track changes, August 2016
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Additional information can be found on the Project Documents page as well as GPAC member comments and public comments received.