Transit Options The City operates a fixed route, Call-A-Ride and trolley service for Morro Bay residents and visitors:
  • Morro Bay Fixed Route - Year-round general public fixed route transit service within City limits
  • Morro Bay Call-A-Ride - Year-round advanced scheduled curb to curb service within 3/4 of a mile of the fixed route
  • Morro Bay Trolley - Seasonal fixed route service linking the North Main Street and Downtown Business Districts, Embarcadero, and State Parks 

4th of July Trolley Service

There will be Trolley service operating on July 4, 2019 from 11 AM to 6 PM. For more information, check the 4th of July Trolley Schedule.

Short Range Transit Plan Update

The City is currently in the process to update its Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP).  An independent third party contractor is working with the City to develop this planning document, which will provide direction in planning system growth and responding to needed changes in the next five to seven years.

The plan has four key elements which will comprise the various chapters of the finalized plan:
  • Overview of the transit system
  • Service and system evaluation
  • Operating plan
  • Capital improvement program
Draft Morro Bay Transit Short Range Transit Plan 
Technical Memoranda - Existing Conditions and Summary of Surveys - 5/30/18
Community Forum PowerPoint Presentation - 5/30/18

Triennial Performance Audit

The Transportation Development Act (TDA) calls for performance audits to be conducted every three years for each TDA claimant. The Audit is designed to be an independent and objective evaluation of the City as a transit operator. The Audit has four (4) objectives:
  1. Assess compliance with TDA regulations;
  2. Review improvements that have been implemented and progress toward goals;
  3. Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of Morro Bay Transit; and
  4. Provide sound and constructive recommendations for improving the efficiency and functionality of the operations.
The most recent audit was completed in May 2019 and is available for review:

Google Transit

Plan your transit trip in Morro Bay using Google Transit. Morro Bay Transit is participating in a program from Google that allows customers to create transit trip plans using the familiar Google Maps interface. Routes, stop locations, times, and transfers will all be shown on Google Maps.

Simply enter in your pick up and destination locations, then enter in what day and time you want to leave and let Google Maps do the rest. You will be provided with a list of transit routes available and information on such things as travel time, cost, and direction the bus is heading.
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