Codes of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct
I hereby pledge to provide a positive attitude and be responsible for my behavior by following this code of conduct at all practices and games:
  • I will play to have fun, win or lose; I will try to enjoy every moment on the court.
  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and encourage my teammates to do the same.
  • I will obey the rules of the game and play within the spirit of the rules.
  • I will respect my coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials. I will not do anything to deliberately hurt or injure them.
  • I will be patient with my teammates.
  • I will do my best to learn and listen to my coaches.
  • I will not argue with or complain about the referee's calls or decisions.
  • I will maintain self control at all times. I understand that fighting and mouthing off can hurt my team and spoil the game for everyone.
  • I will refrain from using foul language, bullying, or intimidating my teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials.
  • I will adhere to the no eating or drinking rule within school buildings and gyms. I understand that water bottles are allowed in the gyms but must be picked up before leaving practice or games.
  • I will take responsibility for my own behavior.
  • I will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.
I understand that if I violate any of the above code of conduct, I will have consequences given to me. These consequences include, but are not limited to being sent home from practice, sitting out a portion or all of a game, being suspended from games, or being suspended for the remainder of the season. Each individual incident will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.

Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct
My family and I (including any guest we may have in attendance) agree to follow the rules of the facilities as well as the following code of conduct.
  • We will make sure that our children are having fun playing sports, and that she/he is participation because she/he wants too.
  • We will remember that the game is for the children, not for the adults.
  • We will respect the decisions made by the coaches and will not shout instructions from the sidelines during games or practices, forcing my child to choose between listening to his/her coach or myself.
  • We will not use or tolerate foul language and will not get into any arguments with the opposing team's parents, coaches or players, or league/game officials.
  • We will not come onto the field for any reason during a game, unless invited by the referee.
  • We will not criticize the referee openly or directly during or after the games. Any criticism shall be done in writing and submitted to the Morro Bay Recreation & Parks Department
  • We will only give positive feedback to players on both teams.
  • We understand that improper behavior (cursing, fighting, using alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs, showing extreme lack of sportsmanship, etc.) at a game or practice may result in that person being asked to leave the field by the referee, coach, or Morro Bay Recreation and Parks staff. We also realize that any such behavior by us may result in our coach being ejected from the game.
  • We understand that Morro Bay Recreation and Parks can suspend our individual privileges to attend our child's game, should we behave in a manner that is rude or otherwise offensive.
  • We will attempt to learn the rules of the game including local league policies. We will help the coach to encourage our child to learn and follow the rules of the game and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  • We will abide by any and all facility rules, keeping in mind that all school campuses and youth sports events are drug, alcohol and tobacco free.
  • We will praise our child for competing fairly and trying hard. We will help our child by pointing out the strong points of his/her game.
  • We agree to try and have as much fun watching our kids participate in soccer, as they have in playing sports.
Coaches Code of Conduct
The primary goal of the Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Sports Programs is to develop winning attitudes by teaching the children the FUNdamentals of sports. Your commitment to the children of this league and this sport is tremendously appreciated and without your support, we would not be able to offer this valuable program.

With coaching comes responsibility. As a Coach or Assistant Coach, you are a representative of the league, the Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Department and the City of Morro Bay. As such, please remember that your actions speak volumes about the character of the league and yourself. This code of conduct shall serve as a guide and a reminder of your responsibility to the development of the children.

As a Coach or Assistant Coach, I, hereby, pledge to uphold the following code of conduct:
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of my players ahead of a personal desire to win.
  • I will treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development in the age group.
  • I will do my best to provide a safe playing situation for my players and to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all my players.
  • I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from my players.
  • I will lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all my players.
  • I will learn the rules of the games and I will teach these rules to my players. In addition, I will teach a clean game.
  • I will respect my fellow coaches. I will remember that we are all volunteers and are all committed to teaching the kids this great sport.
  • I will show respect to the referees. I will refrain from criticizing them in front of my players. I will remember that this is a recreational league. If I have a concern about the officials, I will submit a written statement to Morro Bay Recreation and Parks Department Staff on the Monday, following the weekend games or the following day.
  • I will refrain from using profanity around the children.
  • I will remain in control of myself and my team at all times. If a situation arises in which I feel that I a.m. losing control, I will immediately ask for help.
  • I will remember that all youth sports events are drug, tobacco, and alcohol free events.
  • I will remember that I a.m. a youth sports coach, and that the game is for the children.