Commander Jody Cox

mbpd 2016 133 Sgt Cox

Commander Jody Cox is second-in-command of the Morro Bay Police Department, operating under the direction of the Chief of Police. Commander Cox has a wide range of Law Enforcement experience and is responsible for the Operations Division, which consists of Patrol, Special Operations, Investigations and Training. 

Commander Cox will reinforce the Morro Bay Police Department mission to provide the highest level of police services available, in partnership with our community, and the MBPD vision of Excellence in Service. Commander Cox states “Community Policing is more than just a Law Enforcement concept, it has to be a way of life, for the department, the city and our community members, each of us must take an active role in exercising this mindset, because together, we will make a difference”. 

Commander Cox states “our true measure of success, is determined by the relationship we have with our community, and I believe that we have a strong, solid relationship, and we will continue to work hard on strengthening that relationship”. 

The officers of the Morro Bay Police Department take great pride in serving our community and preserving the “Quality of Life” that our residents, and visitors, have come to love and expect.

Jody Cox, Commander