General Plan / Local Coastal Program (GPAC)


Note: To visit the full General Plan/Local Coastal Plan project page, "Plan Morro Bay," click right here.  For a direct link to GPAC agendas and meeting minutes, click here.

This City of Morro Bay has formed a General Plan and Local Coastal Program Advisory Committee (GPAC) to support the policy direction provided by the Council and to provide input and guidance to city staff and the consultant team on the planning process and its products. The GPAC serves as liaison to the community on General Plan related topics, ensures and seeks consistency with the city's vision during General Plan/LCP deliberations and irrespective of individual points of view or preferences, seeks the benefit of the entire community in its recommendations.


The General Plan / Local Coastal Program Advisory Committee is comprised of 7 voting members. Members are appointed by the City Council. Current members include:

Contact the Committee

If you would like to send written comments to the Committee, please email them at Please note that comments will be sent to the Committee and select city staff.

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