Current Planning Projects

Projects of Interest:

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Coral Avenue Subdivision Project

1290 Embarcadero - Vistra Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) #CDP20-026/CUP20-14

Technical Studies:

​2460 Main - Proposed Supportive Housing Use

​3300 Panorama - MAJ19-005 (Siding replacement/site assessment)

Tank Demolition - 3300 Panorama Drive #CP0-500 & UP0-440

       Supporting  Documentation for 06-19-18 Planning Commission Meeting 
Older Planning Commission Staff Reports for 3300 Panorama:
  • 1-3-2017 Planning Commission staff report
  • 12-6-2016 Planning Commission staff report
  • 10-04-2016 Planning Commission Request For Continuance
Previous Environmental Documents/Supporting Information
Arborist Reports:
Noise Study:
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